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Heartwarming Hymn Stories

Lindsay Terry (About)
Sword of the Lord Publishers, 2003
Hardback Books

Lindsay Terry



The beautiful, blessed hymns of the Christian faith are a fascinating part of our great heritage. Generations have been drawn to the message of the Gospel and the service of Christ through the spiritually sound messages and richly produced music written by hundreds of faithful servants of God. The spiritual wealth of these songs can often be traced to events in the lives of the composers. Facing the same kinds of trials that we face, they found comfort in the Lord Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Bible, the great doctrines of the faith, the prospect of Heaven and the anticipation of the second coming. These songs, which are the jewels of the work they left behind, are given to us for our instruction and inspiration. When we sing a familiar song, we could take the words for granted and miss the message. Dr. Lindsay Terry has made a lifelong study of the stories behind the songs that have blessed us all. In "Heartwarming Hymn Stories" he gives us sixty of them. Knowing and understanding what motivated the composers will awaken our appreciation of the treasures found in the hymnbooks and warm our hearts as we sing God's praises.